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What my clients say....

T  E  S  T  I  M  O  N  I  A  L  S



"I’ve been seeing Corinne for personal training for around 18 months following many remote group sessions during lockdown. The pandemic was a trigger for me to re-evaluate how I looked and felt being cooped up for so long. The remote sessions were a great taster that led me to begin weekly personal training sessions. My fitness journey has been tough, but Corinne guided me every step of the way, from the hard physical exercise to the nutrition and diet. She showed me how to develop my own routines that I still practice at home and at other gyms. Losing the weight has given me a boost in self-confidence and mental health but like everyone, we have blips and Corinne is always available on social media or at the end of the phone for advice and encouragement. I wholeheartedly recommend Corinne to anyone who wants to become fitter, lose weight or feel good about themselves".

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"Whilst on holiday in July 22 I had a real body confidence melt down, hit rock bottom and reached out to Corinne for help and support. Corinne started by encouraging me to delve into what "I" wanted to achieve from coaching and what was really important to "me" . I realized it wasn't all about body image, it was quite deep and personal and there were some tears, not going to lie! A lot of focus on mindset and really understanding my emotional needs were discussed along with practical advice on diet, portion control etc Some days our regular private What’s App chats were tough; others very inspirational, but the support Corinne provides is and has been invaluable. In person PT sessions are always fun. I have never not had a session where we've not laughed but I always feel so challenged yet invigorated and look forward to them. Since my journey started in Aug, I'm down 21 lbs, loss is slow and steady and fitness levels are up hugely. I'm healthier and both mentally and physically stronger than I’ve ever been. Throughout I’ve still been able to live my life "normally" going out and being social with dinners and drinks (sometimes too many ) and not beat myself up for it. These changes are to my LIFESTYLE not for a limited period of time. I'm looking forward to 2023 and continuing my journey with Corinne and can't wait to see where we go..."



"I started training with Corinne during the first lockdown . My usual fitness classes were closed and Corinne formed a friendly group to motivate each other through the tough times . The workouts were weight based and very light and friendly via Facebook ‘live’ . Having been obsessed with cardio after losing weight I found the classes a nice change . I later attended group sessions with Corinne and found these also to be friendly and fun . Not only were the sessions physically based but we also had a great support from Corinne re nutritional advice . This year in May I started PT sessions with Corinne in preparation for climbing Snowdon in July . ( combed the mountain with ease and still training !) I have found these sessions very beneficial . As well as the great weights sessions we have I’ve found the ‘ chats ‘ motivational and informative . I now no longer see food as my ‘enemy ‘ and will never go on a ‘diet ‘ again . I’m really pleased with my physical progress which isn’t for the first time in my life based on my weight . For a complete beginner as I was it’s important to find someone patient and understanding, Corinne is both of these and beyond . I’m looking forward to progressing further with training , it’s taken me years to realise that resistance training is kinder to my body than predominantly cardio and both the physical and mental benefits are life changing".

I wanted to share some snaps of my clients looking so fit, happy & healthy!

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