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Coaching Programmes

Start your Health and Wellness Journey Today ! 

Train with Corinne 


Small Group Resistance Training Sessions From a base in Sittingbourne I am offering a small number of women the opportunity to coach with me in person and really find out how to workout to not only build a good base of cardiovascular fitness but to build that body armour of muscle to help increase the resting metabolic rate, reduce the risk of injury and really open doors to you feeling fitter; stronger; healthier and live more! I will provide the group with knowledge, support and accountability not only to exercise effectively but to eat for your goals too! With a private Whats App group to support you all! What do I need from you? Commitment! For 6 weeks at a time ! If you’re keen on securing your first 6 week group coaching block click below to add your name to PRIORITY list. All at Bayford Meadows Kart Circuit, Eurolink Industrial Estate , ME103RY 

MONDAY'S 6.45pm

Personal Training Membership 

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An exciting 'Hybrid' monthly membership providing the in-person and online encouragement, knowledge and accountability from me YOU need to take Action and Progress!  Together we will explore your Goals; work on your Nutrition and Exercise strategy and ensure you get where you want to be. Waking up feeling stronger, more energized, confident and proud!

Progressive Workout Programme

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An opportunity to receive a structured personal online workout each month to give direction, challenge and accountability! If you're ready to Take Ownership of your own goals but don't have time or knowledge to prepare an effective workout, let me do that for you. Suitable for women new to weights, up to intermediate.  Are you ready? 

121 Personal Training 


Located in a private Faversham Fitness studio. Once booked you will gain access to a fun and supportive WhatsApp group, featuring other women who are also on a health and fitness journey. A chat filled with encouragement, celebration of wins, nutrition tips, accountability and laughter!

Building Balance Programme 

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Feeling stuck, tired and unhappy with yourself? Confused why all 'those' diets just aren't working anymore?! With this 8 week online coaching programme, tailored to meet YOUR goals, you can start creating healthier habits and routines Today and change that feeling. You'll receive 1:1 Fitness and Nutrition support, guidance and accountability along with personal workouts. I'll demystify nutrition and exercise, allowing you to fully understand what's needed to create and maintain a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.  

Lifestyle & Behavioural Change Coaching

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Understanding Healthy Habits and the cycle of Behavior Change can massively impact the choices we make and the life we lead. From the food we eat and our physical activity; to how we overcome challenges and obstacles, these 4 private online sessions will support and guide you to make those sustainable lifestyle changes. I'm here to help open your eyes to how Mindset really matters.  Are you ready to change?   

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