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Meet Corinne

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder



I'm Corinne Murphy founder and owner of  'Corinne Fitness Coach' and there's nothing I love more than encouraging people to explore their true potential.


My ultimate Goal; to help Busy Women find Time for themselves; to reach a level of health and fitness where they can feel Confident and Proud! 


I aim to demystify Nutrition and Exercise; allowing clients to fully understand everything that's needed to create and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and be that Best Version of themselves! To get off that negative diet cycle and learn to how to shift the focus to health and well-being.  Being fit and healthy definitely doesn't have to take over your life; it can become a happy, helpful part of life. 


Be Bold and together let's take action and you'll be amazed what you can achieve! 

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Having relied heavily on exercise as an emotional coping strategy from my pre-teen years; when I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa, I pushed through life telling myself I was absolutely fine.  Despite the restrictive life I lead, I could control my weight and that mattered!!  I wasn't fine and for my family and people close to me I'm sure it was upsetting, stressful and disruptive to say the least.  For me, it became normal to be preoccupied with food and exercise, riddled with guilt if I had to let that control go at all.  Then I turned 50 and decided I'd had enough and wanted to live life rather than simply exist and worked tirelessly to squash those limiting beliefs and misunderstandings I'd collected along the way and learn tools to help acknowledge and deal with my emotions, rather than ignore or hide them.     


Having started my working career as a Chartered Surveyor; joining the family Outdoor Karting Business in 2010 and then as a side, qualifying as a Group Fitness Instructor in 2018; the restrictions put on us all in 2019/20 actually gave me the perfect opportunity to continue to work on my own development. I qualified as a NASM Personal Trainer and EIQ Nutrition Coach and explored my passion in positive health and fitness for Women, quickly realizing the importance and huge benefits of Strength Training for us all. Motivation can dwindle quickly if you're eating and exercising purely for aesthetics but changing your mindset and your focus onto how it can make you feel, what your body can achieve and your overall future health will make a difference! With more knowledge and the necessary tools to help you, you can do it too!  


I'm definitely making the most of my life now; it's an Adventure after all! 


With Love & Smiles



A little about me...

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